Beginner’s Tutorials

Beginner’s Tutorial 1 features a pear and focuses on the basic techniques of getting pencil onto paper, blending with thinners and layering to get good coverage. The design is simple and forgiving, so I promise you can do this one

2 pears drawn for beginners using polychromos or prismacolor pencils

Beginner’s tutorial 2 features another super forgiving fruit, but this time the tutorial takes the lessons learned in tutorial 1 and expands this into blending one colour into another

a mango drawn using color pencils with the colours used placed to one side. The final result of a beginners drawing tutorial

Tutorial 3 looks like a more challenging subject, but with with a bit of patience you can make a pretty red rose too. This tutorial teaches more about being brave with you darker colours and layering to achieve deep rich colours, with a slight emphasis on creating texture

Tutorial 4 is fun! In this tutorial, we look at how we can create soft matte textures versus a chrome-like shine on 2 very different baubles. Using the same colours you will see how much of a difference contrast can make to the texture of whatever you are drawing

2 christmas baubles drawin using colour pencil, one satin, one shiny

If you go through each of these tutorials so far, and only purchase the colours that you need, by now you will find you will have collected enough colours to draw just about ANYTHING!! Which you can see demonstrated here in my video about why 12 colours is enough

My beginner tutorials are provided free, with the hope that you will learn to love creating just as much as I do. But they do take a lot of time to make, with each piece drawn up to 9 times to give you the most concise instructions to follow. (That’s a lot of pears!) If you find they have brought you value and would like to throw me a tip, then please donate here. If you can not pay, do nfeel bad; But please, PLEASE show me your work! I love seeing what you guys have done. It is one of the greatest joys in my life to see my tutorials bringing new art to life!