I am an artist living in the beautiful and endlessly inspiring Sunshine Coast of Australia.

I am a restless creative. I find myself drawn to learn many mediums and techniques, however I have found a great love for colour pencil work, and this is the medium in which I have had the most success and which I always find myself returning to.

My pieces cover all kinds of genres, however, I generally find myself most influenced by images from nature.  I am inspired by wildlife of all kinds, I can’t resist drawing a twinkling set of eyes. I also enjoy drawing portraits, the more expressive the better. I love spending a week drawing a smiling face, I always find myself smiling back as I work.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Frank Sanders

    I have become one of your followers back in the USA. I enjoy your work and follow you on YouTube and use it it to both inspire and educate. Thank you.

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  2. Ruby Keiss

    Hi Cassandra,
    Really so happy to find you. I’m in Hervey Bay and a newby to pencil and pastels and am totally addicted! I have made many attempts at birds and bottle brushes but my layering is rubbish! I’m doing your pear today. Do you hold any classes? I can drive down.
    Much appreciate your tutorials.


  3. Martha Oaks

    I just found you on YouTube. I love your beginner colored pencil tutorials. And I love hoe you list the pencil colors to use in Polychromos as well as Prismacolor. I can’t wait for the next tutorial. I wonder if you would consider a beginner tutorial for a pink rose, as well as sunflowers. I already watched your sunflower video but I would love to see them in tutorial form. I am considering becoming a Patreon member soon.


  4. Audrey

    I watched your tube videos where you showed use of spray varnish. It inspired me to be more courageous and find a different surface to draw on and try varnishing. I did not like the spray varnish option because I have asthma.
    I now use basswood to draw on. I apply Daniel Smith pastel ground 2 coats on the wood. It must work like sanded paper. I can apply light over dark. When I am done with colored pencil drawing I spray it with light coats of Krylon fine art final fixative for dry media. Then I apply Liquitex acrylic varnish. I used wax and oil colored pencils. I have used it on watercolor pencils. On drawing that I only used colored pencils I had some lifting and blurring but not much. I wondered if the wood may have not completely dried because I did not have issue with other watercolor background.
    I really was tired of only option for colored pencil of framing under glass. It’s expensive and I get sick of the glass glare from lights.



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