An itch to scratch

I have so much to do with each day. With so many kids, the household itself is a full time job. Throw in a paying job… well it doesn’t leave many hours in the day for art.

I have learned to squeeze it in around the sides. I rush around and plan meals and compositions at the same time. I think about which colours to use while I’m loading the washing machine. I study my customers as I work and plot how I would draw their skin tones or hairstyle. I always loved drawing, but lately it has become so much more a part of myself, an ingrained piece of my personality. Maybe even an addiction.

I set aside this week to put together this little website,  but the itch needed to be scratched. I store reference photos in my phone for occasions like this. This colour pencil drawing came from a magnificent photo I found on Paint my by Kathy Throop. I really do love drawing glass, and looking how the light reflects and bends. The itch has been scratched, and I love the result.


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