A leap of faith

There’s a good reason I use this picture so often. It’s not just because it stars my very own husband and daughter (although that is a good reason) it is also because this was my first “Oh yeah!! I can do this!” piece.

My very talented sister-in-law took a quick candid photo, and I knew I had to draw it. But, AARRGGHH!!  look at all that blonde hair and tricky hands and those dreadlocks??  Oh i really bit off more than i thought I could chew, but 4 days later and I had created something better than I had ever imagined I could. This piece reminds me to aim just a little bit further than I think I can reach.. I might just succeed.

I feel much the same way about starting a website and blog around my art. It feels like too big a gap, and I don’t know what I’m doing? I’m just going to take a deep breath, jump straight into that deep end, and see what I can do!!


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