I am an artist living in the beautiful and endlessly inspiring Sunshine Coast of Australia.

I am a restless creative. I find myself drawn to learn many mediums and techniques, however I have found a great love for colour pencil work, and this is the medium in which I have had the most success and which I always find myself returning to.

My pieces cover all kinds of genre, however I generally find myself most influenced by images from nature.  I am inspired by wildlife of all kinds, I can’t resist drawing a twinkling set of eyes. I also enjoy drawing portraits, the more expressive the better. I love spending a week drawing a smiling face, I always find myself smiling back as I work.


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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Frank Sanders

    I have become one of your followers back in the USA. I enjoy your work and follow you on YouTube and use it it to both inspire and educate. Thank you.


  2. Ruby Keiss

    Hi Cassandra,
    Really so happy to find you. I’m in Hervey Bay and a newby to pencil and pastels and am totally addicted! I have made many attempts at birds and bottle brushes but my layering is rubbish! I’m doing your pear today. Do you hold any classes? I can drive down.
    Much appreciate your tutorials.


  3. Martha Oaks

    I just found you on YouTube. I love your beginner colored pencil tutorials. And I love hoe you list the pencil colors to use in Polychromos as well as Prismacolor. I can’t wait for the next tutorial. I wonder if you would consider a beginner tutorial for a pink rose, as well as sunflowers. I already watched your sunflower video but I would love to see them in tutorial form. I am considering becoming a Patreon member soon.



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